PHOTOGift: Online eGift Card

150 - 2,500
Give the gift of forever when you purchase an eGift Card at Chase Nevada Michaels Photography! Available in various denominations - covering the cost of a session or giving them their portraits too!...

■ The expiration date and the dormancy fee, if any, must be disclosed.

■ While gift cards may expire after five years from issuance, the funds on the card never expire.

■ If the remaining balance is $5 or less, you may redeem that amount for cash.

■ No dormancy fee can be assessed before 24 months of purchase or last use.

■ After 24 months, a dormancy fee may not exceed $2.

■ A gift card’s packaging or sales receipt must include a telephone number to call for information about the expiration date or dormancy fees.

NJ Rules Regarding Gift Cards: