For years getting a headshot taken by a professional photographer was something only actors did.  Well, that was then!  In today's world of YouTube stars, Influencers, and anyone looking for a job online; just about everyone needs a headshot!  

Whether your an online make-up guru or actively looking for a new career on sites like LinkedIn, a professional headshot can make or break your opportunities.   Since so many people are working from home now and telecommuting and people interviewing for jobs are doing so via zoom - the first impression many will have of you, is a digital one!    

It used to be that when a company had a job vacancy, you went to their office and filled out a paper application, handed in a resume and waiting for them to call you for an interview. Well no longer - your resume is an online profile and that in person application is your profile picture!  It has been reported that human resource managers spend about nine seconds looking over an online application / resume; of those nine seconds about sixty (60) percent - is spent looking at your profile picture, or professional headshot.

And you usually only had to worry about being better than the guy down the street for that new job; not so anymore.  with the shift to work from home remote positions - your competition could be halfway around the globe!  So how important did that headshot of yours just become?  Not a responsibility you really want to leave up to that selfie you have stored on your phone, however nice it may be.

This is why it is important to get the help of a professional photographer who knows how to make you look your digital best!   At Chase Nevada Michaels Photography, you've got 30+ years of experience on your side to help create the perfect headshot that is sure to get you noticed!  We use the latest in high-definition digital camera equipment and perform all editing with advanced state of the art computer systems and professional grade software.

If you are a business that needs new professional headshots of your team for websites, promotional materials, etc. we are happy to schedule an on location shoot at your office.  Just give us a call to schedule a convenient time and we'll take care of the rest!

To schedule your personal individual headshot photo session, give us a call at our Hamilton, New Jersey studio.  We will perform a brief phone consultation with you to custom tailor the session to suit your particular style and deliver the best possible results.  It is always our goal to exceed your expectations and deliver - More Than You Never Imagined! 

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