People have been immortalized in portraits for as long as we could put pigment to parchment!  Kings and queens, captains of industry, countless families and even ... the cat, all beautifully captured, frozen in a singular moment of time, as to always be remembered. 

Professional photographic portraiture is about capturing the essence of a person's spirit, reflecting the subject's personality to the portrait viewer. It is a visual echo telling the beholder who that person is, or at least was in that frozen instance.  Portraits are the historians of lives; they show our smiles, and sometimes the tears we hide behind them.  They tell others ... we were here.

There is probably nothing more personal and meaningful than a beautiful family portrait, framed and hung handsomely above a fireplace to truly make a house a home.  It reminds each of the bond they share even when some of them are far from that home.  And it stands as a reminder of why we do the things we do for family and tells us it is all worth it in the end.  And as the years go on, these portraits take us back, even if just for an instant and let us live a moment again in our hearts.

The subject of portraiture does not have to be the entire family ... doesn't even have to be a person!  We often use portraits to celebrate accomplishments like graduating high school or college, getting engaged, celebrating a pregnancy or birth, a golden anniversary and the list of reasons goes on.  The subjects of portraits can be almost just as varied, cats, dogs, horses, and even the family reptile have all been paid homage to by portraiture.  Why, even a car or two has had their likeness hung in a home gallery or mancave I am sure!

At Chase Nevada Michaels Photography, we understand just how important and meaningful these images, these stolen moments are to families, because once the moment has passed - it's gone forever.  We can't turn back time and capture the moments we were too busy or preoccupied for.  So, getting the shot right, every time - just the way you imagined and even better is our goal during every shoot.  Thats why our slogan is "More than you NEVER expected!"

Whatever your reason, a graduation, engagement, new baby or just time for a new family portrait we are here to help you make that vision a reality.  We want to create memories you will cherish and share for generations!  We are happy to shoot your session in our studio, at your home, your favorite park or other destination location.

In studio shoots have digital backdrops that are custom designed for each individual client and lettering and graphics can be added; your photographs will not look just like everyone else', the way some of the big chain photography studios do.  And since we operate and offer our portraiture service in a boutique style - you will receive a level of personal & professional service - they just can't or won't offer!

To schedule your portrait photo session, give us a call at our Hamilton, New Jersey studio.  We will perform a brief phone consultation with you to custom tailor the session to suit your particular style and deliver the best possible results.  It is always our goal to exceed your expectations and deliver superior service and portraits. 

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Chase Nevada Michaels Photography, Child Photoshoot, Birthday, Photographer Hamilton New Jersey
Chase Nevada Michaels Photography, Female, Birthday, Photographer Hamilton New Jersey
Chase Nevada Michaels Photography, Professional Photograher Hamilton New Jersey, Male Birthday Photoshoot, Portrait studio in Hamilton NJ

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