Top Photography Trends of 2022

When looking for photography services, it’s good to know what styles of photography are trending. Various photography trends carry over year to year, but some things change over the years sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

Innovative Photography

Innovation will always trend in photography, whether the shot itself is creative or the way the photo was taken that brings the innovation. There are many ways to make a photo or photographing process innovative. Lots of people are finding ways to use their phones to take professional-quality photos and videos. People also tend to create illusions or use various objects to create a new surreal scene.

Candid Photography

Candid photos have always had a place, but they are becoming more popular in various styles of photography, whether it is wedding photos, graduation photos, or even baby and child photos. For weddings, there can obviously still be a short-list, but having some candid moments that show the atmosphere and emotion of the wedding can be a great addition that the couple will enjoy afterward.


Still-life photos are having a resurgence. Still life is very common in art, with paintings of various flowers and fruit, but it is a great way to showcase subjects in photography. Using still life as a way to capture pets could be a good way to spruce up pet photos.


Portrait photography is one of the most popular types of photography, and this year it is a photography trend for a different reason. People are wanting portraits that are more unfiltered, ones that show themselves more accurately in comparison to photos they may typically post to social media.

Dramatic Colors

The use of strong colors is a trend that is back, in previous years there have been times when more muted and neutral colors in photography were what people were looking for. The use of bright colors in the background of a photo, or even on the subject is a great way to add in those dramatic colors. Some photos use various colored lights to add the effect as well.

Top Photography Trends This Year

This year we see some trends of the past resurfacing as well as some reimagining of prior trends. Each year sees new trends and the top trends of this year may fluctuate as the year goes on, but will likely stick around into next year, similar to previous years' trends. Rustic and outdoor photography is one of those trends that tend to stick around.

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