What It Means For Our Clients

Your time is valuable, so we make sure we don't waste it by making you run to multiple vendors to accomplish what can just as easily be handled by one.    I am often asked "So what is your niche?" , my answer is always the same - "We don't have one!, that's our niche!"

The principals of great photography and the physics of light don't change just because I am photographing the latest designer watch versus the CEO of a major Fortune 500 company.  Over the years I have listened to so many employees and business people say "We can't do that." and have always wondered the same thing their now exiting potential client must have been thinking ... "why the heck not?", especially when it makes so much sense to do it!   

As with any other pursuit in life, the art and science of photography requires study and most importantly practice!  I am happy to have my camera in my hand, every possible moment I can. I appreciate the beauty of a gorgeous mountain landscape at sunrise with as much passion as I do the brilliantly exhilarating photos of the latest model year sports car in a glossy auto magazine.  Yes there are differences in the methods, composition, lighting, camera settings - but you practice and master those things, and share that talent with the World!

If you need me to photograph a delicious kitchen scene of your latest culinary creation for a cookbook, headshots for that new role on Broadway you are dying to land, or beautiful portraits of your ever changing family, just give me a call - I'm am very pleased to help you showcase all the wonderful facets of your life.  One photograph at a time!

I sincerely appreciate your interest, and hopefully future business! I so look forward to our meeting, until then... wishing you all the Love, Light and Laughter your Heart & Hands can hold!


Chase N. Michaels

President & CEO

Professional Photographer